Halloween Stories 7: Blood

The ominous Black Book resurfaces, triggering a sinister hunt. Unearth secrets of Lord Barlow, and foil the dark wizard's museum surprise. Can Catherine Gonzalez of the TruthStalkers team stop the impending nightmare ?

Halloween Stories 6: Mark Bone

Agatha travels to the castle to unravel a string of mysterious annual disappearances on Halloween's eve.

Halloween Stories 5: The Neglected Dead

Myth Debunkers do not believe in ghosts & they decide to figure out what is actually hidden behind the appearance of ghosts

Halloween Stories 4: Defying Death

Roy collected a magical stone during an excursion that helped him survive in the accident. Suddenly a Reaper appeared

Halloween Stories 3: Horror Movie

Ellie's friends decided to have a Horror Movie Night. But everything went wrong - the videotape turned out to be cursed ...

Halloween Stories 2: Black Book

Latter asked Jen to read a scary story from the Black book for her, she couldn’t say no. The consequences were immediate

Halloween Stories 1: Invitation

However, everything takes an ominous turn very quickly when you realize that the guests are not who they seem to be ...

Sir Match-a-Lot

Join young knight on match 3 quests in magical kingdoms. Collect fireflies, unlock arenas, earn outfits with unique abilities, and complete sticker books!

It Happened Here 2 : Beacon of Truth

Join Emily Smith in solving a cold case murder at an old lighthouse. Unravel legends, explore, and find clues to uncover the truth in this thrilling detective hidden object game, 'Beacon of Truth.' Can you crack the case and discover the secrets hidden within?

Cursed Fables 3 : A Voice to Die For

Uncover a siren's love story, solve puzzles, and save the kingdom in Cursed Fables: A Voice to Die for. Find why a prince abandoned his bride, unveil seaside kingdom secrets, and defeat the villain while preserving your magic powers.

Crossroads 3 : What Was Lost

A mysterious bar that exists at the corner of nowhere and everywhere, where the bartender, Mistress Eve, has prepared a new game for you! Play now!

Detectives United 6 : Beyond Time

The team of detectives receive a mysterious parcel. Its spell splits up the team... Find out about a mysterious creature and play now!

Miss Holmes 4: Dancing Men

The Cubitt family started to receive strange messages. Ms. Holmes and Oscar Watson can’t leave this case alone. Help the investigation! Join now!

It Happened Here 1 : Streaming Lives

A young man is murdered in a small town. Emily Smith, who hosts a podcast about murders, cannot leave this case alone. Collect evidencies! Play now!

Paranormal Files 9 : Silent Willow

A call from Michael Zinc provides a new clue. It leads to a creepy mental hospital called Silent Willow. What secrets is Michael keeping? Join now!

Grim Tales 23: Dual Disposition

Uncover the identity of the mysterious evil doppelganger and stop them

Knight Cats 1: Leaves & Road

Uncover the conspiracy and save Catstown as guard Shavan investigates the bloody traces of a conspiracy, figuring out who to trust and ultimately saving his hometown.

Cursed Fables 2: Twisted Tower

Witch Genhelia gets a task from coven to save village from a monster.

Paranormal Files 4: The Hook Man’s Legend

Rick is called in the middle of the night by a mysterious girl to town of Ashen Valley that can only be found on an old map

Paranormal Files 8: Price of a Secret

New lead on Rick's disappearance takes Rachel and her team to a winery on a secluded island.

Chimeras 11: Cherished Serpent

Strange things are happening in Serpent Hill: town sheriff dies in mysterious circumstances, and more deaths happen soon

Grim Tales 21: Echo of the Past

Anna Gray and her grown-up daughter Alice sort the old items in the attic together. Suddenly they find a magic doll...

Detectives United 5: Deadly Debt

The detective investigation story takes place when the detectives find out that this is the doing of a couple of lovers

Detectives United 2: The Darkest Shrine

Detector of paranormal activities at Detective’s United office seemed to have started glitching...

Christmas Stories 11: Taxi of Miracles

Jacob Rossi, a college student, is frustrated that people have forgotten the purpose of Christmas

Strange Investigations 1: Becoming

Dana Strange had been searching for the maniac who kidnapped her sister for many years.

Book Travelers 1: Victorian Story

Megan Webster realizes that she is able to immerse into books quite literally. She finds herself in the Great Library

Chimeras 10: Price Of Greed

One of the richest aristocrats, mysteriously disappears. This wasn’t the first misfortune in the family of the Carringtons

Chimeras 12: Inhuman Nature

Rosalee Franco lost her memory and doesn’t remember how she ended up in the hospital in which the doctor attacks her

Chimeras 13: What Wishes May Come

Derek Pierce’s recent life hardly could be called lucky. A terrible car crash, wife in a coma, depression.

Chimeras 5: Mark of Death

Former judge Donald addresses you with a rather strange request. He tells you that he received a strange mark

Grim Tales 22: Horizon & Wishes

Sudden awakening of Richard’s skull makes Anna abandon her daily routine and set off on an adventure in different times

Chimeras 6: Blinding Love

A traveling circus “Chimera’s magic” comes to Paris. Is it a coincidence that a series of attacks happens in the city?

Chimeras 7: New Rebellion

Residents of fantasy town Silverlake have started blaming innocent creatures of kidnapping and attacking their relatives

Chimeras 8: Heavenfall Secrets

The best students of Heavenfall school of magic have started disappearing in mysterious circumstances.

Chimeras 9: Wailing Waters

A summer camp for students Chimera annually arranged by Havenfall Academy is under attack of ancient mystic creatures

Christmas Stories 10: Yolemen

Brothers Asdis and Yonas want to decorate the house for Christmas but notice that all the decorations are gone.

Christmas Stories 7: Alice’s Adventures

Be a part of the enchanted kingdom in the winter wonderland! Festive adventures await Alice’s secret society this year!

Christmas Stories 8: Enchanted Express

A new Christmas Stories: Enchanted Express will help create wonderful Christmas mood! Enjoy spectacular paysages

Christmas Stories 9: The Christmas Tree Forest

Something terrible happened in the magic country on Christmas Eve a year ago: kids stopped received broken gifts from Santa

Crossroads 1: On a Just Path

There's a bar that only exists at the corner of nowhere and everywhere. It only appears to those who desperately need it.

Crossroads 2: Escaping the Dark

A creature has appeared in a village — it takes the form of a beautiful girl & steals the souls of men by means of a kiss.

Cursed Fables 1: White as Snow

Queen Margaret returns home to find the castle almost deserted – only her stepdaughter Snow White greets her.

Detectives United 1: Origins

Her Majesty, an expert in criminal cases and a detective who can travel in time and go to the past meet in a tiny room...

Detectives United 3: Timeless Voyage

Anna Gray has a big and generous family. One of her relatives was kind to present all three Detectives United Agents

Detectives United 4: Phantoms of the Past

Agent Brown went on an investigation, but no news came from him for two months. Agent Shade gives a secret folder

Grim Tales 13: The White Lady

Anna’s nephew, Billy, who took over the passion for mysticism from his favorite aunt, walks in the old boarding school

Grim Tales 14: The Time Traveler

A mysterious man in a cloak sets up an accident where Anna Gray gets into on the way to her relatives.

Grim Tales 15: The Hunger

Anna Gray is looking for the maniac who has killed her niece Jackie. The murderer wasn’t caught 17 years ago

Grim Tales 16: The Nomad

This time the famous detective Anna Gray has to investigate the robbery at the town museum where her sister works

Grim Tales 17: Guest From The Future

Your daughter Alice needs your expertise to uncover the source of a tragedy that threatens to end the Gray family line!

Grim Tales 18: The Generous Gift

Anna’s daughter Alice disappears because of a white rabbit on her sixth birthday - she got that rabbit as a gift by post.

Grim Tales 19: Heritage

During a quiet autumn walk with her daughter Alice, Anna receives a phone call from her Maureen, who asks her for help.

Grim Tales 20: Trace in time

Anna spent time with her family in a cafe. Anna is getting sick. In the intensive care, her heart stops...

Haunted Hotel 14: Personal Nightmare

Steven’s mother and sister go out and mysteriously go missing. Our hero knows nothing about what happened to them

Haunted Hotel 15: The Evil Inside

Discover the story of the hidden hotel: Why couldn’t people come back home?

Haunted Hotel 16: Lost Dreams

The train suddenly crashes. Mark finds himself in a room, completely alone. Was it all just a nightmare? Where is Jane?..

Haunted Hotel 17: Beyond the Page

A horror writer invites you to a desolate hotel for an interview. But when you arrive, the place is completely empty…

Haunted Hotel 18: Room 18

Samuel is nowhere to be seen & hospitable staff seems not so friendly. What tragedy connects this hotel and uncle Sam?

Haunted Hotel 19: Lost Time

James & his girlfriend have been together for a year. Their plans were disturbed when they find stealing time hotel

Haunted Hotel 20: A Past Redeemed

James and Jessica are getting ready for their long-anticipated wedding. Will the grim prophecy come true?

Midnight Calling 4: Wise Dragon

Will you manage to uncover the mystery case of Midnight Calling Wise Dragon? Test yourself and uncover the truth!

Midnight Calling 5: Arabella

Your voyage is halted by a shipwreck. Your brother is kidnapped. Ruin the plans of the dark forces!

Ms. Holmes 1: The Monster of the Baskervilles

Like many years ago, a monster appeared in Baskerville Hall. Ms. What kind of unexpected surprise this strange case hides?

Ms. Holmes 2: Five Orange Pips

Charlotte comes back home from an investigation to find her house in a terrible mess. Are you ready for plot twists ?

Ms. Holmes 3: The Adventure of the McKirk Ritual

A noble lady comes to Ms Holmes with a request to investigate the strange mystical events that took place in her mansion.

Mystery Trackers 13: Memories of Shadowfield

You lose your memory while investigating a case, and you have to immerse into your subconsciousness to save a girl

Mystery Trackers 14: Mist Over Blackhill

Ominous mist fell on a quiet town, and hordes of evil monsters appeared from it. The lives of the locals are at stake

Mystery Trackers 15: Darkwater Bay

After an underwater archaeologist disappears, you, the best Mystery Trackers detective, are sent to investigate the case.

Mystery Trackers 16: The Fall of Iron Rock

One agent was sent to explore an underground town called Iron Rock which citizens were believed to have unusual abilities

Mystery Trackers 17: The Secret of Watch Hill

The renowned Mystery Trackers Detective reveals her tragic past & the story behind her joining the Mystery Trackers Order.

Mystery Trackers 18: Fatal Lesson

This time you are called to Mystery Trackers training camp to take a job as a tutor. Can you find missing cadets in time ?

Mystery Trackers 19: Forgotten Voices

When working at the commcenter, Mystery Trackers cadets catch an SOS signal of 3 students desperately asking for help ...

Paranormal Files 1: Fellow Traveler

A usual ride turns into a scary mysterious adventure after Rick Rogers decides to give a lift to an unknown stranger.

Paranormal Files 2: The Tall Man

Paranormal detective Rick Rogers takes on a new case. Nicky Summer reaches out to him and asks to save her friends.

Paranormal Files 3: Enjoy The Shopping

Rick Rogers is going undercover as a security guard to investigate a series of strange paranormal events at the local mall

Paranormal Files 5: Trials of Worth

Arthur calls for Rick's help - his fellow archaeologists lost their minds after being in contact with mysterious artifacts

Paranormal Files 6: The Trap of Truth

Festival headliners went missing without a trail and it seems that only Rick can solve this mystery!

Paranormal Files 7: Ghost Chapter

Thirteen years pass after Rick's mysterious disappearance during his investigation of a shop called “Worlds’ Mysteries"

Strange Investigations 2: Proxy

Robert has been investigating a series of mysterious deaths recently all of which have been deemed an accident.

Royal Detective 6: The Last Charm

Our dear Prince has to go away to attend to royal business and leaves us impatiently waiting for him.

Royal Detective 4: Borrowed Life

You’ve been summoned to the sleepy town of Dorfield to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a famous local sculptor.

Royal Detective 5: The Princess Returns

Your old acquaintance, the Princess, should have met you here. But the town meets you with an unfriendly silence.

Surface 11: Strings of Fate

When bored Brothers of Fate start their wicked game, no one is safe from becoming their pawn .

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