Chimeras 10 : Price Of Greed

One of the richest aristocrats, mysteriously disappears. This wasn’t the first misfortune in the family of the Carringtons

Book Travelers 1 : Victorian Story

Megan Webster realizes that she is able to immerse into books quite literally. She finds herself in the Great Library

Chimeras 11 : Cherished Serpent

Strange things are happening in Serpent Hill: town sheriff dies in mysterious circumstances, and more deaths happen soon

Chimeras 12 : Inhuman Nature

Rosalee Franco lost her memory and doesn’t remember how she ended up in the hospital in which the doctor attacks her

Chimeras 13 : What Wishes May Come

Derek Pierce’s recent life hardly could be called lucky. A terrible car crash, wife in a coma, depression.

Chimeras 5 : Mark of Death

Former judge Donald addresses you with a rather strange request. He tells you that he received a strange mark

Chimeras 6 : Blinding Love

A traveling circus “Chimera’s magic” comes to Paris. Is it a coincidence that a series of attacks happens in the city?

Chimeras 7 : New Rebellion

Residents of fantasy town Silverlake have started blaming innocent creatures of kidnapping and attacking their relatives

Chimeras 8 : Heavenfall Secrets

The best students of Heavenfall school of magic have started disappearing in mysterious circumstances.

Chimeras 9 : Wailing Waters

A summer camp for students Chimera annually arranged by Havenfall Academy is under attack of ancient mystic creatures

Christmas Stories 10 : Yolemen

Brothers Asdis and Yonas want to decorate the house for Christmas but notice that all the decorations are gone.

Christmas Stories 11 : Taxi of Miracles

Jacob Rossi, a college student, is frustrated that people have forgotten the purpose of Christmas

Christmas Stories 7 : Alice’s Adventures

Be a part of the enchanted kingdom in the winter wonderland! Festive adventures await Alice’s secret society this year!

Christmas Stories 8 : Enchanted Express

A new Christmas Stories: Enchanted Express will help create wonderful Christmas mood! Enjoy spectacular paysages

Christmas Stories 9 : The Christmas Tree Forest

Something terrible happened in the magic country on Christmas Eve a year ago: kids stopped received broken gifts from Santa

Crossroads 1 : On a Just Path

There's a bar that only exists at the corner of nowhere and everywhere. It only appears to those who desperately need it.

Crossroads 2 : Escaping the Dark

A creature has appeared in a village — it takes the form of a beautiful girl & steals the souls of men by means of a kiss.

Cursed Fables 1 : White as Snow

Queen Margaret returns home to find the castle almost deserted – only her stepdaughter Snow White greets her.

Detectives United 1 : Origins

Her Majesty, an expert in criminal cases and a detective who can travel in time and go to the past meet in a tiny room...

Detectives United 2 : The Darkest Shrine

Detector of paranormal activities at Detective’s United office seemed to have started glitching...

Detectives United 3 : Timeless Voyage

Anna Gray has a big and generous family. One of her relatives was kind to present all three Detectives United Agents

Detectives United 4 : Phantoms of the Past

Agent Brown went on an investigation, but no news came from him for two months. Agent Shade gives a secret folder

Detectives United 5 : Deadly Debt

The detective investigation story takes place when the detectives find out that this is the doing of a couple of lovers

Grim Tales 13 : The White Lady

Anna’s nephew, Billy, who took over the passion for mysticism from his favorite aunt, walks in the old boarding school

Grim Tales 14 : The Time Traveler

A mysterious man in a cloak sets up an accident where Anna Gray gets into on the way to her relatives.

Grim Tales 15 : The Hunger

Anna Gray is looking for the maniac who has killed her niece Jackie. The murderer wasn’t caught 17 years ago

Grim Tales 16 : The Nomad

This time the famous detective Anna Gray has to investigate the robbery at the town museum where her sister works

Grim Tales 17 : Guest From The Future

Your daughter Alice needs your expertise to uncover the source of a tragedy that threatens to end the Gray family line!

Grim Tales 18 : The Generous Gift

Anna’s daughter Alice disappears because of a white rabbit on her sixth birthday - she got that rabbit as a gift by post.

Grim Tales 19 : Heritage

During a quiet autumn walk with her daughter Alice, Anna receives a phone call from her Maureen, who asks her for help.

Grim Tales 20 : Trace in time

Anna spent time with her family in a cafe. Anna is getting sick. In the intensive care, her heart stops...

Grim Tales 21 : Echo of the Past

Anna Gray and her grown-up daughter Alice sort the old items in the attic together. Suddenly they find a magic doll...

Grim Tales 22 : Horizon & Wishes

Sudden awakening of Richard’s skull makes Anna abandon her daily routine and set off on an adventure in different times

Halloween Stories 1 : Invitation

However, everything takes an ominous turn very quickly when you realize that the guests are not who they seem to be ...

Halloween Stories 2 : Black Book

Latter asked Jen to read a scary story from the Black book for her, she couldn’t say no. The consequences were immediate

Halloween Stories 3 : Horror Movie

Ellie's friends decided to have a Horror Movie Night. But everything went wrong - the videotape turned out to be cursed ...

Halloween Stories 4 : Defying Death

Roy collected a magical stone during an excursion that helped him survive in the accident. Suddenly a Reaper appeared

Halloween Stories 5 : The Neglected Dead

Myth Debunkers do not believe in ghosts & they decide to figure out what is actually hidden behind the appearance of ghosts

Halloween Stories 6 : Mark Bone

Agatha travels to the castle to unravel a string of mysterious annual disappearances on Halloween's eve.

Haunted Hotel 14 : Personal Nightmare

Steven’s mother and sister go out and mysteriously go missing. Our hero knows nothing about what happened to them

Haunted Hotel 15 : The Evil Inside

Discover the story of the hidden hotel: Why couldn’t people come back home?

Haunted Hotel 16 : Lost Dreams

The train suddenly crashes. Mark finds himself in a room, completely alone. Was it all just a nightmare? Where is Jane?..

Haunted Hotel 17 : Beyond the Page

A horror writer invites you to a desolate hotel for an interview. But when you arrive, the place is completely empty…

Haunted Hotel 18 : Room 18

Samuel is nowhere to be seen & hospitable staff seems not so friendly. What tragedy connects this hotel and uncle Sam?

Haunted Hotel 19 : Lost Time

James & his girlfriend have been together for a year. Their plans were disturbed when they find stealing time hotel

Haunted Hotel 20 : A Past Redeemed

James and Jessica are getting ready for their long-anticipated wedding. Will the grim prophecy come true?

Midnight Calling 4 : Wise Dragon

Will you manage to uncover the mystery case of Midnight Calling Wise Dragon? Test yourself and uncover the truth!

Midnight Calling 5 : Arabella

Your voyage is halted by a shipwreck. Your brother is kidnapped. Ruin the plans of the dark forces!

Ms. Holmes 1 : The Monster of the Baskervilles

Like many years ago, a monster appeared in Baskerville Hall. Ms. What kind of unexpected surprise this strange case hides?

Ms. Holmes 2 : Five Orange Pips

Charlotte comes back home from an investigation to find her house in a terrible mess. Are you ready for plot twists ?

Ms. Holmes 3 : The Adventure of the McKirk Ritual

A noble lady comes to Ms Holmes with a request to investigate the strange mystical events that took place in her mansion.

Mystery Trackers 13 : Memories of Shadowfield

You lose your memory while investigating a case, and you have to immerse into your subconsciousness to save a girl

Mystery Trackers 14 : Mist Over Blackhill

Ominous mist fell on a quiet town, and hordes of evil monsters appeared from it. The lives of the locals are at stake

Mystery Trackers 15 : Darkwater Bay

After an underwater archaeologist disappears, you, the best Mystery Trackers detective, are sent to investigate the case.

Mystery Trackers 16 : The Fall of Iron Rock

One agent was sent to explore an underground town called Iron Rock which citizens were believed to have unusual abilities

Mystery Trackers 17 : The Secret of Watch Hill

The renowned Mystery Trackers Detective reveals her tragic past & the story behind her joining the Mystery Trackers Order.

Mystery Trackers 18 : Fatal Lesson

This time you are called to Mystery Trackers training camp to take a job as a tutor. Can you find missing cadets in time ?

Mystery Trackers 19 : Forgotten Voices

When working at the commcenter, Mystery Trackers cadets catch an SOS signal of 3 students desperately asking for help ...

Paranormal Files 1 : Fellow Traveler

A usual ride turns into a scary mysterious adventure after Rick Rogers decides to give a lift to an unknown stranger.

Paranormal Files 2 : The Tall Man

Paranormal detective Rick Rogers takes on a new case. Nicky Summer reaches out to him and asks to save her friends.

Paranormal Files 3 : Enjoy The Shopping

Rick Rogers is going undercover as a security guard to investigate a series of strange paranormal events at the local mall

Paranormal Files 4 : The Hook Man’s Legend

Rick is called in the middle of the night by a mysterious girl to town of Ashen Valley that can only be found on an old map

Paranormal Files 5 : Trials of Worth

Arthur calls for Rick's help - his fellow archaeologists lost their minds after being in contact with mysterious artifacts

Paranormal Files 6 : The Trap of Truth

Festival headliners went missing without a trail and it seems that only Rick can solve this mystery!

Paranormal Files 7 : Ghost Chapter

Thirteen years pass after Rick's mysterious disappearance during his investigation of a shop called “Worlds’ Mysteries"

Paranormal Files 8 : Price of a Secret

New lead on Rick's disappearance takes Rachel and her team to a winery on a secluded island.

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