Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all the information that the website (the”Website”) may collect from the «User» («Users” or “you”) during their use of the Website.

  1. TERMS

1.1 The following terms are used in this Privacy Policy:

1.1.1. “ Administration” (the “Website Administration”) means authorized employees of E-Studio, LLC (Elephant Games) acting on behalf of the company who organize and/or carry out personal data processing as well as determining the purposes of personal data processing, the content of personal data subject to processing, actions (operations) with personal data.

1.1.2. “Personal Data” means any information pertaining, directly or indirectly, to a particular or identifiable individual (the personal data subject).

1.1.3. “Personal Data Processing” means any action (operation) or a combination of actions performed automatically or manually with personal data including personal data collection, recording, systematizing, accumulation, storage, specification (updating, changing), extraction, use, transmission (distribution, granting, making available), depersonalization, blocking, removal, destruction.

1.1.4. “Personal Data Confidentiality” means a mandatory requirement to be observed by the operator or another person, who has access to personal data, of excluding its distribution without the personal data subject’s consent or another lawful ground.

1.1.5. “ User” (the “User”) means an individual having access to the Website via the Internet and using the website

1.1.6. “Cookies” means a small data fragment sent by the web server and stored on User’s computer that the web client or the web browser sends each time to the web server within the HTTP request during an attempt to open the page of the applicable website.

1.1.7. “IP Address” means a unique network address of the node that uses the Internet Protocol.


2.1. By using the Website, the User accepts this Privacy Policy and the conditions of the User personal data processing.

2.2. If the User does not accept the Privacy Policy conditions, the User should stop using the Website.

2.3. This Privacy Policy applies to the Website only. The Website Administration does not control or is not liable for any third party websites that the User can access via the links located on the Website.

2.4. The Website Administration does not verify the accuracy of the personal data provided by the Website User.


3.1. This Privacy Policy determines the Website Administration obligations related to non-disclosure and maintaining confidentiality of the personal data that the User provides at the Website Administration request when filling in the application forms on the Website.

3.2. The personal data subject to processing according to this Privacy Policy may include, but not limited to, the User’s name, phone number, e-mail, direct links to the User’s profile in social networks and the information contained therein.

3.3. If the User uses the Website, the Website Administration may also collect data on the credit or debit card or other payment details depending on the User’s payment method in case the User elects to make a purchase.

3.4. When the User accesses the Website information, the Website Administration may collect technical data on the User’s device, i.e. IP address that sent a request to display the website, operating system type, device identifiers. If the User accesses the Website content via a third party social network (the “Social Game”), the Website Administration may collect the data on the User’s social network profile, including the information the User makes available themselves, the User’s social network identifier, name, surname, profile photo. If the User invites another user in the User’s Social Game or sends messages via the Social Game, the Website Administration may collect information in relation with these messages, for example, the User friends’ social network identifiers, e-mails and content thereof.

3.5. If the User downloads or accesses the Website content from a mobile device, the Website Administration and its service providers may collect information on the User’s location (through the User’s IP address) and mobile device, including different unique identifiers related to the User’s device, hardware type, operating system type, and game activities. The Website Administration and its service providers may use this information to serve individual advertisement and other content, including location-based advertisement and content.


4.1. The Website Administration may use the User personal data to contact the User, including sending notices, requests related to the use of the Website, providing services, processing the User requests and application forms.

4.2. The Website Administration may use the collected information to compile aggregate anonymous data on the Website’s community for security purposes and to improve the services provided.


5.1. The User personal data processing is performed for an unlimited period of time, in any lawful method, including personal data systems, automatically or manually.

5.2. The User personal data may be provided to authorized government bodies of the Russian Federation only as set forth in the laws of the Russian Federation.

5.3. The Website Administration shall inform the User on the loss or disclosure of the User personal data if such loss or disclosure occur.

5.4. The Website Administration takes all the necessary organizational and technical measures to protect the User personal data from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, changing, blocking, copying, distribution and other unlawful third party actions.

5.5. The Website Administration, together with the User, takes all the necessary measures to prevent damages or other negative consequences caused by the loss or disclosure the User personal data.


6.1. The User shall:

6.1.1. Provide personal data needed for additional services using the Website.

6.1.2. Update, change the personal data when this data changes.

6.2. The Website Administration shall:

6.2.1. Use the information it receives only for the purposes indicated in paragraph 4 of this Privacy Policy.

6.2.2. Provide keeping Confidential Information in secret, and shall not disclose it without prior written notice of the User, and also shall not: sell, exchange, publish or otherwise disclose any received Confidential Information of the Users, except the cases described in paragraphs 5.2. and 5.3. of this Privacy Policy.

6.2.3. Take safety measures for protecting Confidential Information of the Users in the way that is usually applied for protecting such information in the existing business practice.

6.2.4 Specify, block, eliminate personal data related to the corresponding User since the moment of User’s, his/her legal representative’s or authorized personal right-protective body’s appeal or request for the period of examination, in the case of determining false, incomplete, outdated, imprecise, illegally obtained personal data or personal data that is not necessary for the declared goal of processing.

6.2.5 Provide the User by the information about processing his/her personal data since the moment of receipt of the User’s request.

6.2.6 Requests, pointed in para. 6.2.4, para. 6.2.5 of this Privacy Policy, in the case of sending them by the User, must be sent in an electronic form to the following e-mail address, belonging to Elephant Games: or in a written form to the registered address of Elephant Games. In the case of sending of the request, pointed in para 6.2.4 of the Privacy Policy, by the User’s legal representative or authorized personal right-protective body the request must be sent in a written form to the registered address of Elephant Games.


7.1. If Website Administration does not fulfil its obligations, it bears responsibility for the loss of the Users due to unauthorized use of the Confidential Information according to the law of the Russian Federation except cases provided in paragraphs 5.2., 5.3. and 7.2. of this Privacy Policy.

7.2. In case of loss or disclosure of the Confidential Information, Website Administration does not bear any responsibility if such Confidential Information:

7.2.1. Became publicly available before such loss or disclosure.

7.2.2. Was known from a third party before it was received by the Website Administration from the User without obligation to keep it confidential.

7.2.3. Was disclosed with the consent of the User.


8.1. Elephant Games Sites and Services are intended for general audiences and are not child-directed. We do not knowingly collect or solicit personal information from or direct or target interest based advertising to anyone under the age of 13 or knowingly allow such persons to use our Services. If you are under 13, please do not send any information about yourself to us, including your name, address, telephone number, or email address. No one under the age of 13 may provide any personal information. In the event that we learn that we have collected personal information from a child under age 13, we will delete that information as quickly as possible. If it’s occasioned that you are under the age of 13 and use any Elephant Games Services you are obliged to stop use Elephant Games Services immediately and delete your Accounts and any information related to you from the Services. If you believe that we might have any information from or about a child under the age of 13, please contact us. We urge parents to instruct their children to never give out their real names, addresses, or phone numbers, without permission, when on-line. If you are between the ages of 13 and 17, you represent that your legal guardian has reviewed and agreed to this Privacy Policy.


9.1.Before legal recourse of the claims or disputes that arise due to relations between the Users of and Website Administration, it is required to provide a claim (a written offer to settle the dispute voluntarily).

9.2. The recipient of the claim sends back a written notification to the claimer about the results of reviewing the claim within 30 calendar days.

9.3. In case of non-settlement of the dispute, it will be passed over to the court according to the effective law of the Russian Federation at the location of the Defendant.

9.4. This Privacy Policy and relations between the User and the Website Administration are subject to the effective law of the Russian Federation.


10.1. Website Administration has the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy without the consent of the Users.

10.2. New Privacy Policy comes into force right after it’s published at, unless otherwise provided in the new edition of the Privacy Policy.

10.3. Effective Privacy Policy is published at