New releases

  • Christmas Stories: The Gift of the Magi

    A Christmas legend says that Santa makes gifts only to good kids. Evil Bertha visits bad kids. You will have to turn into a brave boy Oliver Twist. His sister Wendy got into trouble on Christmas Eve – she is imprisoned by Bertha. Oliver has to prove that he and his sister belong to the list of good kids. His helpers are merry spirit of winter joy, Jack Frost, Christmas Elf, cats and even mice. Take part in engaging magical adventure!

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  • Surface: Virtual Detective

    A search for the friend who disappeared in virtual reality is turning into a nightmare. Find out the secrets hidden by the virtual reality and play a game against computer on its territory. The fate of world is at stake!

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  • Chimeras: Mortal Medicine

    The action takes place in a European town Ronas, in 18th century. Lord Lankerman asks you to catch a runaway criminal guilty of the epidemic that affects only kids of the town...

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