New releases
Haunted Hotel: Ancient BaneGrim Tales: The VengeanceRoyal Detective: Queen of Shadows
  • Haunted Hotel: Ancient Bane

    Looking for money, a famous engineer and mechanic Abraham Shadowy buys an old residence and turns it into a hotel. The guests claim you might face real ghosts there!

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  • Grim Tales: The Vengeance

    The dark times for the McGray family started when the parents of young Elizabeth and James passed away leaving the children alone to cope with their lives and the immense fortune.

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  • Royal Detective: Queen of Shadows

    The little Princess was born with a beautiful gift of animating statues, breathing life into them. Being an orphan in the house of a man who found her at his doorstep, she had a lot of questions and the biggest of them was who her parents were. Why would they leave their child?

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