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Midnight Calling: AnnabelHaunted Hotel: PhoenixMystery Trackers: Winterpoint Tragedy
  • Midnight Calling: Annabel

    The castle is calling! Play as the lovely Anabel, whose father, Henry, disappeared several years ago. Now he’s calling to you in your dreams and needs your help. Travel back to your hometown to save your father and uncover the secrets of Midnight Castle!

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  • Haunted Hotel: Phoenix

    Breaking news scream out that the fire has taken over the Northern Oregon. Local people say it's not the first time when the legendary Phoenix sets everything on fire. Local authorities are baffled. That means an excellent detective like you won't sit long without a new case to crack. Fresh mountain air, flying eagles and endless sunset... It's all about a new mystery and secrets of the Stone Spires hotel which used to be a part of a famous University.

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  • Mystery Trackers: Winterpoint Tragedy

    Buried in the ice... answer a distress call at an arctic research lab where scientists have made a chilling discovery!

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