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Sir Match-a-LotRoyal Detective: Legend of the GolemMystery Trackers: Paxton Creek Avenger
  • Sir Match-a-Lot

    A magic Kingdom was prospering. However, one day it was attacked and taken over by the Dastardly Dragon. He encaged the residents and cursed all the lands. The monsters of the Kingdom sided with the Dragon. The King sent the messengers to all parts of the world. Many knights tried to help, but none succeeded. Finally, a Hero accepted the challenge. He wants to free the Magic Kingdom and slay the Dragon, and now he has to make a long journey to his main goal. What secrets the Magic Kingdom hides? Come and discover them yourselves!

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  • Royal Detective: Legend of the Golem

    An old friend, a wodden figurine Rupert, asks you for help – the town of Glanville is attacked by clay golems and the townspeople can't resist their power. The town is facing complete destruction! Head for Glanville, explore the town, talk to the frightened people, but be careful – keep away from the clay monsters' feet. Find out why the golems invaded the town. What secrets do the people of Glanville keep?

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  • Mystery Trackers: Paxton Creek Avenger

    An unknown villain, who calls himself the legendary Avenger, wants to destroy Mystery Trackers Order and kidnaps an innocent girl. Only you can stop the wrongdoer who is ready to do anything for fulfilling his evil plan! Save the innocent, serve the justice and reveal all the secrets of the mysterious criminal in the anniversary, tenth Mystery Trackers: Paxton Creek Avenger!

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