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Haunted Hotel: The Axiom ButcherGrim Tales: The HeirSir Match-a-Lot
  • Haunted Hotel: The Axiom Butcher

    Heavy snowfall is just like an omen. You encounter a police car on the roadway that got wrecked because of the heavy storm. The police officer asks to give him a lift and take him to Axiom Hotel where he is going to continue investigating the copycat murderer. The hotel seems to gather people of all sorts. Hotel owner and his wife welcome you and the policeman, while strange fortune-teller, arrogant pianist and loosely drunkard keep staring at you. The situation gets so tense that the light goes out, literally. Once this is fixed, you discover that someone or something has killed the hotel's owner wife...

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  • Grim Tales: The Heir

    Living in the ancient castle turned out to be a real trial for the young family of the Grays. Brandon’s wife Elena slipped into coma, little son Billy has gone missing, and Brandon himself is very much on edge, since similar events happened to him in the past. Their further fate is in your hands!

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  • Sir Match-a-Lot

    The Magic Kingdom was prospering. However, one day it was attacked and taken over by the Dastardly Dragon. He encaged the residents and cursed all the lands. The monsters of the Kingdom sided with the Dragon. What secrets does the Magic Kingdom hide? Come and discover them yourselves!

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