New releases
Surface: Return to Another WorldHaunted Hotel: The XChimeras: The Signs of Prophecy
  • Surface: Return to Another World

    It’s a usual day, and you are looking through the family pictures. Suddenly your mother calls you and tells you that horrible things happen to your town. You come to the place and see that it’s half ruined and empty. You notice a young man at the town square. Who is he? What happened? Uncover the mystery of disappearance of the whole town in new Surface: Return to Another World!

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  • Haunted Hotel: The X

    Your sister left you a video message, just like she usually does. She said she would be at your place within a few hours after making a story about the “Lexington” hotel, but the record date state she should have come two days ago!

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  • Chimeras: The Signs of Prophecy

    The Keepers of Munich are expecting the arrival of a mysterious Stranger to their city. According to the prophecy, the Stranger has great power that can be used both for creation and destruction. Everything gets complicated: one of the Keepers is found dead in the carriage...

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