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Surface: Alone in the MistGrim Tales: The Final SuspectHaunted Hotel: Eternity
  • Surface: Alone in the Mist

    This day should have become one of the happiest days of your life. Your parents prepare a big surprise for your sixteenth birthday. Regardless the fact you saw a nightmare about a gloomy little girl, you wake up with a feeling of holiday. However, you are surprised by the absence of your parents. A friend of yours comes to see you and tells you that all adults vanished. The town looks deserted. Find out what happened in new Surface: Alone in the Mist.

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  • Grim Tales: The Final Suspect

    This time Auntie Gray, an unrivaled detective with a great ability to visit the past, is in danger herself. Howard Kelly is found dead in her house, but she only has patchy memories giving absolutely no clue as to who might have murdered him. The police are guarding the hospital room, and you are the prime suspect. What is left to do is to arm yourself with a possession from the past, make a trip back in time, and find out who the murderer is. Investigate an exciting case in the new game Grim Tales: The Final Suspect.

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  • Haunted Hotel: Eternity

    A famous philantropist asks for your help. You just need to watch him over while he delivers public speech. It seems to be an easy job till the moment everything turns upside down right before your eyes. Looks like it’s a hightime for your skills of detective to demonstrate, Discover the criminal and find out what motivates him and safe professor in the new game Haunted Hotel: Eternity!

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