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Surface: Lost TalesMidnight Calling: JeronimoChimeras: Cursed And Forgotten
  • Surface: Lost Tales

    When your mind and eyes start failing you making you see unbelievable things, you decide to go to a doctor. However, your visit ends quite unexpectedly – the doctor turns into a terrible Huntsman and tries to kill you! Besides, your cat suddenly becomes a real Cheshire Cat who tells you that Fairyland is in dire need of a hero like you. There’s nothing else for you to do but to take your smiling cat in your arms and set off to save everyone and everything in the new game Surface: Lost Tales!

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  • Midnight Calling: Jeronimo

    What do you do when your sister is very sick and a vile witch has the only remedy that can save her? Jeronimo doesn't hesitate and rushes into the villain's lair, having no idea it's the beginning of a big adventure! Help the desperate inn-keeper find the medicine, reveal the dark witch's secrets and ruin her evil plans that place the whole town in jeopardy.

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  • Chimeras: Cursed And Forgotten

    You go for a sabbatical trip to Scotland, to the shore of one of its lakes. You’re sitting at your cottage and painting a picture of the paysages surrounding you. You think that nothing will bother you when something shiny falls from the sky and breaks your shed. You enter the shed and find an unusual amulet. It has your surname on it!..

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