Love is…

…in bloom


9 April 2009

Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS


Release Date:


About the game
Take on the role of the popular Love Is... characters in their goal to build the best Florist shop around. Start with the basics of preparing the soil and planting seeds to grow magnificent flowers that you can then sell in your very own Flower shop.

...started in the late 1960s as a romantic love story between a couple, Kim and Roberto Casali, with charming illustrations and romantic sentiment, which is now a worldwide IP published in over 50 different countries and 25 different languages! Take on the role of the popular love is… characters in their first ever digital game format. Full of the same endearing charm as the original cartoons you get to work on a blossoming relationship as well as a growing business.

Follow the story of the character’s relationship, from their first meeting, as their love grows towards their special ‘Big Day’, whilst you build your very own floral empire, starting from the very first seed, growing and picking flowers and then stocking your shop to supply made-to-order bouquets to the public.
Twelve varied and unique arcade-style games provide fun and long-term challenges.
Unique user-friendly controls specifically designed to take advantage of the DS stylus.