Grim Tales

Crimson Hollow


25 August 2016

Windows, Mac


Release Date:


About the game
The search for a missing boarding school student called Stacy becomes an operation of saving not only her, but also the whole world. Discover the scary secrets of Dorian Black’s manor in Crimson Hollow! Rosette Darkwood, the headmistress of the boarding school for girls, comes to your detective agency and tells you that one of her students, Stacy, has gone missing. They say that she was accompanied by Dorian Black when she has been seen for the last time. You go to the mansion of the Blacks in Crimson Hollow – you’d like to talk to Dorian. Your acquaintance with him turns into a dangerous and evil story. Explore Crimson Hollow, reveal secrets and mysteries of the ancient mansion and find out the story of the Blacks. Who is the villain, what mysteries and skeletons of the family are hidden in the cupboards of the aristocrats? And most importantly, is Stacy all that simple, since her surname is... Gray?