Christmas Stories

Puss in Boots


3 December 2015

Amazon, Google, Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone


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About the game
Santa asked you to get back the stolen Christmas Star that contains magic of Christmas. The happiness of children from all over the world depends only on you. Find the thief and learn his motives in a new Christmas Story from Elephant Games. You picked up a small freezing kitten on the street and, by doing this, started a turn of miraculous events. You were woken up at night by a strange voice. It turned out that the kitten you found, Simon, was in fact sent by Santa. He tells you Santa needs your help. You walk the moon path to Catstown, the place where cats help Santa make Christmas gifts for children. You arrive at the crime scene and find out that the thief is unknown and that the only clue are the boot prints on the snow. Santa provides you with everything required for the search, and now the fate of this Christmas is in your hands!